About Us

After the passing of Dr. Redman who was the town of Windsor’s long time local dentist, the need to continue serving the community was recreated. The partners of ‘Riverside Dental Associates’ were approached by community members who wanted the practice to continue. Dr. Salvatore Ruffo, Peter Capone & Daniel Williamss formulated a business plan & began treating patients as ‘Windsor Dental Associates’ in the Summer of 1998 on a part time basis. As the demand for treatment continued to grow, it was evident that It would be advantageous to have a dentist in the office on a full time basis. Dr. Robert Cantales was brought on as an associate in the Spring of 2000. He has continued to work within the office for nearly 12 years.

As the demand in the city of Binghamton grew, it was decided to establish a second location. ‘Oak Street’ dental was an establish practice that Dr. Cantales & the staff from ‘Windsor Dental Associates’ joined in the Winter of 2008. In the Fall of 2010 Dr. Jordan Glenn began working for ‘Windsor Dental Associates’ & ‘Oak Street Dental’ alongside Dr. Cantales. With comprehensive care established for patients ranging from infants to adults, the decision was made to simplify our offices brand as ‘Tier Family Dental’. This is the brand we are now known as in both our Windsor & Binghamton locations. With honest & caring services provided by long time members of the Greater Binghamton Community, ‘Tier Family Dental’ looks forward to providing the community for years to come.